About the Special Edition Gift Neckwarmers
For a limited time we are offering a free gift with purchases (and free US Shipping) on orders over $99. What is the free gift you ask? Great question! It is one of our special edition Re-Trace Mountain V Neckwarmers in either fleece lineing or merino wool lining. These special neckwarmers are engineered into our production process to help eliminate waste of making our outdoor apparel. They are the most sustainable product we make. Made from recycled and natural fibers, and made from would-be waste off cuts during the cutting process of our fabrics! 

Check out this blog post for more info on how these are made!

Zero waste is an overused catch phrase, but the pursuit of actually reducing waste AND using any waste that is a byproduct of production could not be a more noble in our eyes. So, though you won't find us using that catch phrase, we'd love to tell you about what we do from the ground up in our design, development and manufacturing to have products that reduce waste and achieve that catchy goal. Our Re-Trace Mountain V Merino Wool Neckwarmers are a slight variant on our regular Mountain V Neckwarmers lined with either Fleece or Merino Wool. We designed the shape of these styles with the idea of nestling the pattern pieces for cutting the fabrics for these styles together so well, that one piece butts up against the other, the angle of the left side matches the upsidedown angle of the right side and so on, such that the pieces fit together like a perfect puzzle, and no scrap waste is between the pieces. Function of the finished garment of course is the ultimate important way to make sure that you love your piece of gear and use it for years to come thus avoiding being waste. The result of this perfect puzzle is two half shape pieces on the edges of the fabric, that we then take, join together and make additional neckwarmers from. If you want to have one of the most truly sustainable pieces that we make in the Alpine Fit collection, then these neckwarmers are for you! Right now we are offering a limited number of these special neckwarmers as a free gift with purchase on orders over $99 as well as free shipping.

Why is there a seam in the middle? - That's how it is made joining offcuts from production to make this fabric from would-be-waste into something beautiful & functional.

Can I pick the one I want? Please make special requests! The exact one you are getting will not show in your cart at checkout, but you can let us know if you would prefer a regular size one, a large one, a woold lined one, a fleece one, and what prints of ours are your favs in the order comments! Or shop in person at our 908 W Northern Lights Blvd location in Anchorage and pick yours out! We love hearing from you and happy to accommodate requests!! Let us know your top choices and we'll send you something great!

What is the Free Gift? One of our limited edition Re-Trace Mountain V Neckwarmers made with the off-cuts reducing waste in production of our Merino Wool and Fleece Lined Mountain V Neckwarmers.

How much do I need to spend to get the free neckwarmer? $99 + and that also gets you free shipping in the U.S. 

What if I spend over $200? Well, $99x2 = $198 so we'd plan on sending you TWO! (and more if your order is $300 and so on! Thank you!!!)

Thanks so much for your support of responsibly making outdoor gear in the USA (and specifically, Alaska!).

-Jen Loofbourrow + the Alpine Fit Team

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