Alpine Fit focuses on a no-compromise approach to clothing to match the unyielding backcountry of the Alaskan wilderness. We pay attention to every detail, so you don't have to. Take comfort in custom fabrics developed exclusively for Alpine Fit. From top to bottom they don't stink because we put silver in the fabric, the fabrics are soft because of the special knitting process that we selected and the seams don't chafe because we use the softest yarns. Fabric development is at the core of our products because we know what it means to have that garment that will always be your go-to. There are so many cool features built in, I hope you read more...
Sterling™ Fabric - silver-containing, odor-eliminating fabric
This custom fabric uses silver containing ionic+® fibers co-extruded in the fabric for permanent antimicrobial performance. Ionic+® antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria. The naturally occurring bacteria that cause the infamous body odor smell on your gear cannot thrive in this silver containing environment. You can wear our Sterling™ base layers for longer between washes, and the fabric will continually do its work to combat odor build-up. The silver is permanently in the fiber of the fabric - it is not a chemical that was washed in, so it will not wash out. Wear tested on multi-day and multi-week camping trips in Alaska. Sterling™ fabric with ionic+® antimicrobial technology passes the challenge of keeping odors on your gear at bay.
But we don't stop there! The spun polyester is the softest synthetic you have ever worn. It is lightweight, quick-dry, and breathable. Warm in the winter, not too hot in the summer. Durable enough to withstand multi-week adventures, wash, and repeat over several seasons. It has been officially tested and rated to UPF 50+ to keep out harmful UV. And after much testing we were able to add recycled fibers to the mix as part of our environmental stewardship. This is our flagship fabric because it exceeds expectations and surpasses other similar fabrics out there.



Re-trace™ - recycled material fabric 
We are proud to offer fabrics made from recycled fibers including recycled polyester and recycled nylon. This has been included in many of our products, wherever possible. We strive to responsibly source materials and refine sustainable practices, products, and packaging. We are continually enhancing our commitment to the environment, driven by our love of the outdoors!
Merino Wool - natural fiber odor-resistant fabric

There’s so much good to say about merino wool that you may already know! Merino wool is such a luxurious fiber, natural, odor-resistant, fine in texture and ultra soft, breathable and helps with temperature regulation.

We use a soft 100% premium Merino Wool fabric to make the Nordic Anywhere Merino Wool Hat and the Merino Geo Neckwarmer, as well as in the lining fabrics for the Merino Wool Lined Headband and Merino Lined Mountain V Neckwarmer. This wool is ethically produced from non-mulesed merino wool sheep. 

Our merino wool base layers are made from 87% merino wool certified to the Responsible Wool Standard and 13% Recycled Nylon. Super soft, fine, warm and light 18.5 micron 150gsm weight; it breathes well, layers well, and feels like nothing but that perfect amount of warmth next to the skin. We chose to include Recycled Nylon in this base layer fabric to enhance durability. Merino wool has so many beautiful attributes and stays looking great for years, however it is prone to damage usually in the form of small holes if you snag it on something sharp like a zipper, button hole, tree branch or jewelry. So, adventure in it hard, but treat it with TLC when you can, and expect it to work well for years to come, but not be as bombproof as synthetic fibers. 

What does Responsible Wool Standard mean? This internationally recognized certification ensures that the wool comes from farms that have a progressive approach to land management in regards to soil, biodiversity, and native species, they protect the social welfare of their employees including working conditions, health and safety, and practice holistic animal welfare including international standards and best practices for addressing hunger, comfort, health, and living conditions.

alpine fit wool closeup