It's always nerve-wracking to wash a premium product. The washing/drying cycle can be harder on any product than actual use. With some tender loving care you can continue to reuse your Alpine Fit products for years.

We include recommended garment care on the labels on each of our garments. Typically, for high-end outdoor activewear and technical fabrics the best option is to wash these items less frequently and more gently than other fabrics for them to look and perform their best for longer.

General Care

Generally speaking the recommended care instructions for all of our garments and accessories are gentle cycle or hand wash, and lay flat or tumble dry low. A mesh laundry bag is a great way to protect your garments from other items in the washer, and prolong the life of your Alpine Fit gear!

We typically try to wash our outdoor activewear items with similar types of fabrics like those found in leggings, base layers, sports bras, underwear and athletic socks.

Special notes about certain garments and fabrics:

Sterling™ Fabric
Our flagship fabric is found in the Rendezvous Ridge Long Sleeve, Ridgeline Tank, Treeline Long Sleeve, Backcountry Base Layer bottoms and multiple hats, headbands and neck gaiters.  These garments are tested to retain their shape and size after laundering with great performance. You should choose a cool water temperature and heat setting if possible, but warm temperatures are also okay. Lay flat or hang to dry is the best, but tumble drying on a low heat setting will be fine too.

Merino Wool base layer tops and bottoms, and accessories including our Nordic Anywhere Merino Wool Hat, merino wool lined neck gaiters and headbands should be handled with a little extra care. Our merino wool is tested to hold up to laundering, however any merino wool does not love the heat! So be sure to use cold water temps, hand or gentle wash and lay flat to dry. Definitely wash with delicate type items (no zippers or velcro if possible)!

Our bushwhacking leggings are machine washable, please use the gentle cycle and lay flat or hang to dry. Tumble drying on low will also work to save time, but air dry is the best for the long life of the properties of this garment!

Please let us know if you have any questions! Happy Adventuring.