At Alpine Fit we take pride in every garment that is developed, tested, and produced. There are no compromises here. This gear is made for the Alaskan wilderness and we want everyone to be warm and comfortable out there. Only the best materials are selected, and if they cannot be found, they are created. Our wear testers have put every piece through extreme conditions so you can trust that it will last and perform as promised.

Just because it's rugged, doesn’t mean you can’t wrap yourself in clothes that fit. The first thing you should do here is visit our Fit page. For women and men, we know that not every brand “fits you” so we set out to change that. We have done the extra homework and doubled the inventory so you can now have a better and more comfortable garment. Clothes that fit will keep you warmer and prevent bulky ineffective layering systems. It’s this meticulous attention to detail that has produced a premium product that does not disappoint.

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Our silver-containing, also referred to as silver-infused fabric, was designed from the ground up to last and prevent odor. Week-long trips in a single shirt? No problem. It is quick-drying, UPF 50+, soft, and best of all, does not collect odor. The newly developed merino wool line performs the same: flawlessly. It is naturally odor resistant and uses wool certified to the international Responsible Wool Standard. Both are knitted in such a way to prevent undue wear and last longer than is reasonable. 

All of our garments are proudly made in the USA. We are able to manufacture many here in Anchorage Alaska, while at times some have been made by the help of great partners in the continental US. We have good relationships with domestic fabric suppliers and stitchers and we will continue to produce goods made as close to us as possible. These tight connections have enabled us to ensure the product consistently remains the highest quality that our customers have come to expect.

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Let us know what you think! We have a small and dedicated team, working hard to improve the standard of outdoor gear. Now go out there and have fun hiking, biking, trail running, road running, walking, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, nordic skiing, skijoring, bike-joring, backcountry skiing, packrafting, traveling, white water kayaking, sea kayaking, dog mushing, hunting, sledding, skating, snowboarding, or just feeling great and comfortable because we do all that. 

The US Small Business Administration awarded us as Woman Owned Small Business of the Year for Alaska 2023

The State of Alaska awarded us as Manufacturer of the Year 2020

We are 1% for the Planet Members and Certified Climate Neutral

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Her Story


Jen Loofbourrow • Founder/Owner

In my early twenties I fell in love with expeditions kayaking the outer islands of Alaska's southeast coastline. Inevitably, we experienced variable conditions, sun to rain, and everything from freezing water temps to natural hot springs.

With no access to laundry for weeks at a time, and limited space, I could take only essential basics, and each piece of gear had to perform. I refined and honed my packing list and found substitute products for what I really wanted, which all too often weren't available. 

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Since then, I have embarked on many extended traveling and backpacking trips, in addition to the activities I like to do regularly in my normal life - a quick hike after work, or biking around the block with the kids and our dog.

My journey in apparel began as a materials developer at lululemon in Vancouver, then lingerie and swimwear retail store owner in Ireland, and later, a wholesale and operations manager at Swedish women's brand Skhoop in Anchorage, Alaska. These jobs formed building blocks for what I would realize is my passion: making outdoor gear basics for a multitude of adventures and activities, with fabrics I believe in, while being an excellent employer for my dedicated and creative team.

More than that, I know that every person has unique body characteristics, and that the standard fit offered by most brands does not work for all. At Alpine Fit, we work tirelessly to design and refine products that are offered in twice the fit options, and therefore twice the number of size combinations for more people to be able to find their perfect fit with our clothes.

I am excited to help outfit you for your outdoor experiences, and I look forward to seeing you on the trails!

A personal note of thanks:

I want to give a huge shout out to the crew at Alpine Fit during these foundational years of starting up, growing, surviving the pandemic and emerging from it! We have had a stellar, small team of staff and interns, great fabric mills, fiber suppliers, customers, early adopters, family members, business and startup community members all sharing in the camaraderie. We could not do this without you!

The Story Behind Alpine Fit's Fabrics & Sizing
I approached my quest to create the perfect outdoor fabric with a few characteristics in mind. I wanted it to be odorless, quick drying, soft on the skin, and protective against the sun. I began working with a fiber supplier and fabric mill, both based in the U.S., to develop our silver fabric we call Sterling. It is the ultimate. Year-round outdoor fabric. It checks all the boxes.

It dries fast, feels soft and supple on the skin (not sweaty plastic bag, not cold to the touch), it has silver IN the fibers of the fabric, so it is permanently anti-microbial which works to eliminate odors when we sweat.

Imagine, a quick dry top you can wear for a multi-day camping trip or a weeks worth of after work hikes that continually works to combat your body odor? This is a fabric that I can wear as a sunshade top backpacking in the summer and nordic skiing in 10F in the winter. It works for headbands, it works for base layer bottoms. This is our flagship product line and fabric! 

We also work with Merino wool which I love for its natural odor resistance, softness, breathability and light-weight warmth. Great for every-day life; great for working out. Read more about our fabrics here.

The other concept from the start was to have more size options than typically found with other brands.

I began developing the two fits referencing research, personal experience, interviews, and many conversations. There is not just one “average” woman body shape - obviously!

A much better starting point to achieve a custom-like fit, is to address differences in body shapes that more or less have volume at the waist, at the hips, or at the bust. So began our development of our Wild Iris Fit (straighter) and Azalea Fit (curvier at bust and hip).

For men, some need a little more space around the waist, while others want a narrower and more tapered fit at the waist with enough length in the torso and arms for their height. This was the starting point that led the way to developing our men’s Granite Fit (straighter) and Cinder Fit (narrower waist).  

We do everything from design, to product development to cut and sew apparel manufacturing in our workshop and office space in Anchorage, Alaska. We are growing and expanding manufacturing both out of state and in state to make sure we have the gear available to keep you outfitted for your adventures!

Building an apparel business is wild and fun, and a lot of hard work. Thanks for your continued support!

Made in USA • Twice the sizes for your perfect fit • Odor eliminating fabrics • Longer adventures


We respect people. We respect differences. We respect differences in opinion. We respect healthy conversation. We respect idea generation and finding solutions. We continue to learn and work towards creating a better future.


Check out this video about us thanks to being a part of Title Nine's Movers and Makers program supporting women in leadership in the outdoor industry!