January 2024 Jen's Journal

This year so far...

A lot has happened! 

From friends on Shark Tank to snorkeling with the Sting Rays - 2024 is off to an exciting start!

Every month or so I round up recent events… Here’s what is going on behind the scenes and out in public!

Product development! January is the time to pick up where we left off before the busy holiday season and keep the ball rolling on new fabrics and designs to incorporate into new items in our collection! (I have been wear testing a new merino wool accessory for layering in all the frigid temps and making sure I have the fit, materials and construction dialed to launch a little run of them –soon! Stay tuned. Also, we are working on some summer warm heather styles - a sun protective collection addition in a lightweight quick drying odor resistant fabric, can you guess what?!)

alpine fit jen product development


Reporting - Jamie and I threw ourselves a little reporting party - literally an all day party complete with party hats and streamers, and we just sat side by side at our computers looking at numbers and spreadsheets to inform big decisions for the year ahead!!

Jamie and Jen alpine fit doing reporting

Photo credit: Heather Kelly (spot the Heather's Choice meal on my desk for lunch!)


Restocking Product - the Alpine Fit team did an unbelievable job of keeping our bestsellers in stock throughout the busy gift buying season, and a few things that needed to get restocked again quick after the holidays are back on the shelves - Cosmic Peak hats and Mountain V Neckwarmers, plus bushwhacking leggings!

Jamie showing the hats marker alpine fit


Cold Weather Twinning - the number of days Jamie and I show up in matching outfits is ridiculous. 

jamie and jen twinning at alpine fit 1

jamie and jen twinning at alpine fit 2

jamie and jen twinning at alpine fit 3

Tours! We had a fellow locally owned and operated manufacturing business, Wild Scoops come visit our workshop, and we visited their kitchen! Let us know if you would like to set up a tour sometime for your workplace or special occasion :) not kidding…we had a bachelor party come by one time! 

tours at alpine fit

alpine fit tours wild scoops


SHARK TANK - our friends over at Heather’s Choice were broadcast on Shark Tank and we cheered them on behind the scenes and on the night of at their Anchorage watch party! So cool, exciting and bizzaro to know someone who has been on Shark Tank! Congrats on the awesome national coverage of your values-aligned brand and delicious meals and snacks! Visit heatherschoice.com

Heather's Choice on Shark Tank


Sting Rays - I went on the best family vacation ever - a lovely 9 day backpacking style trip with my kids exploring several areas in Belize. I brought some of the warm weather wear testing products for Alpine Fit to try out in hot humid weather, we learned how to make chocolate, appreciated Mayan artifacts, explored caves, supported local business, at delicious food, and snorkeled with hundreds of fish and colorful coral, it was spectacular! 

sting rays and wearing alpine fit in warm places

wear testing alpine fit products in belize

backpacking in belize with kids alpine fit

belize beach alpine fit

swimming in a jungle river

Cold weather - we returned from Belize to catch the below zero Fahrenheit temps happening in Anchorage - quite a shock to swing 100 degrees! I got to get back on my nose covering testing and have figured out my favorite thing to do is to wear our merino wool lined headband overtop my hat and neckgaiter as a nose and face covering in the extreme cold while cross country skiing, running, or just any amount of time spent being active outside in those conditions. It allows your mouth to have the freedom to breath, and keep the sensitive end of my nose toasty. Plus! If the headband becomes damp at all with condensation, you can just rotate it to a dry spot! The reel I made about it got a bit of positive feedback 🙂

alpine fit merino wool lined headband as a nose warmer in cold temps

alpine fit merino wool lined headband as a nosewarmer in action in cold temps

Local pickups for online orders - we decided to lean in to our Alpine Fit retail store location inside/attached to AK Cycle Chic at 908 W Northern Lights in Anchorage as a straightforward and easy place to stop by to get your online orders if you chose local pick up at checkout. It’s easier to find than our manufacturing space/warehouse/HQ. Hours at our store for shopping and local pickup Tues-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 11am-5pm! 908 W Northern Lights.

alpine fit shop inside ak cycle chic 908 w northern lights blvd anchorage 99503


A lot happened and more is coming up! 

Join us Thursday Feb 15th at the store for an event collab with Mallory from the Montana based brand Youer - she is visiting and bringing some new Made in Montana fleece hoodies and other goodies. Skhoop will be coming too and some other women-led outdoor brands founders will be in attendance. Come meet the founders, shop outdoor gear, and grab a refreshment 3-6pm Feb 15th @ 908 W Northern Lights (Alpine Fit & AK Cycle Chic location).

alpine fit pop up shop with youer skhoop and ak cycle chic


I’m sure there is more to say, but that’s a lot as it is! Thanks for reading! 

Enjoy the balmy 20F weather and great skiing conditions!

-Jen and the Alpine Fit Team

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