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Alpine Fit Story of our Re-Trace Mountain V Neckwarmer

When you make sewn products, you have a choice on how you produce them to maximize the use of the fabrics. We do this and take it a thoughtful step further — by taking the would-be offcuts and make functional and useful gear. The Re-Trace Mountain V Neckwarmer is made by diverting would-be waste and engineering the off-cuts to produce a piece of gear analogous to our regular Mountain V Neckwarmer. Function, warmth, and comfort meets converting and maximizing material usage to nearly zero waste.

Alpine Fit Mountain V Neck warmers

We designed the size and shape of the pattern piece for our Mountain V neckwarmers to strike the perfect balance between: a) sewing together into a great fitting functional style, and b) maximizing fabric usage to minimize fabric waste. See the diagram below. You will notice that for every section of full pieces, the result is two half pieces that can be either waste OR joined to make another full whole. This was by design. We engineered this intention into the planning and cutting process, and produce fully functional beautiful neck gaiters from these would-be waste pieces. Et voila! Our Re-Trace Mountain V Neckwarmers were born. We make them in both the merino wool lined and the fleece lined versions. They technically take a little more labor in cutting and sewing than the regular version. 

Mountain V Neckwarmer fabric utilization alpine fit

What makes them limited edition? Well, each one is a one-of-a-kind combination of printed fabrics. AND, we usually save these off-cuts for in-between and around other urgent production projects, so, often we have favorite sold-out prints and colors that are otherwise no longer available in current Mountain V Merino Wool Neckwarmers and Mountain V Fleece Neckwarmers on our website. We only have these available for sale at in-person events and when we do fun offers like "free limited edition neck gaiter" with purchases for a limited time, when we have them!

Re-Trace Mountain V Neckwarmer by Alpine Fit


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