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Functional and fashionable helmet, that is what I was looking for. Years before I lived in Anchorage I was riding around cities biking to work, cafes and bars and didn’t want to look like I'd just come from the trails. It's a totally different fashion scene when you don’t live in an outdoor active oriented city. After a lot of research, I came up with Thousand which  are aimed at city commuting and road biking and still totally great on trails.

 alpine fit nordic anywhere merino wool hat and mountain v neckwarmer with observame shirt and thousand helmet

I got the heritage bike and skate helmet in gold!  It's super visible and fashionable so it gets lots of use. In addition to looking good and being safe my absolute favorite features is what Thousand calls their secret poplock, which is designed to fit a bike lock through so you can lock up your helmet! Now for all my riding I could lock my helmet to my bike rather than having to carry it around. I already lean towards too many bags so one less item to carry is great!  I just love that thoughtful engineering and design. 


On top of all of these awesome features, this company is something to admire. Their values are first and foremost starting with its name. Thousand comes from “the goal of helping to save 1000 lives by making helmets people actually want to wear”. In addition to be being a 1% for the planet member, they have a clear climate positive goal offsetting 110% of annual carbon emissions. For all these reasons and more, Thousand resonates with me and the Alpine Fit team. 

alpine fit merino wool hat bushwhacking leggings and mountain v merino wool neckwarmer with thousand helmet and observame watch access shirt 

These lovely photos of Amy rocking my helmet are from a community photo shoot we did a few months ago. In addition to the Thousand helmet Amy is rocking Women’s Power Hold Watchopening ½ Zip from Observamé, Alpine Fit’s Nordic Anywhere Hat which fits perfectly under the helmet, Mountain V Merino Neck Warmer and Bushwhacking leggings. Finally that water bottle she’s using is a very special water bottle from Bivo, more on that later.  

Gloria and the team at Thousand I see you! Thanks for making these awesome helmets that I wear, love and highly recommend!


P.S. Gloria and team Thousand if you read this i’d love to become colleagues slash friends!

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