Community Photoshoot

Three of Alpine Fits stand out facts are odor eliminating fabric, fits for different body shapes and products made in the USA and Alaska. Like our Fit options we also value showcasing a variety of human beings in our products and photos. The traditional industry way to do this would be to hire many professional models, and have a big photo shoot. Located in Alaska and being a start up puts a few constraints on us being able to do it the traditional way. Being the proudly scrappy and creative problem solving team that we are, we got to work brainstorming. 

Can we bring together our local colleagues with complementary products to be models? Yes. 

Could they bring the products they make and represent their company? Yes. 

Could we give them the photos after for their own use? Yes

Could we also ask our awesome customer/friend/supporters to be models? Yes 

Ohh Ohh is this the moment where I get to bring together our fellow winners from Title Nine’s Pitch Fest all into one photo? Yes 

Ohh Ohh can I also include the winners from 2022? Yes

Its ok to invite 40 people? Yes  

Can we pull this all off in under 3 weeks? We can do anything.. Right? Yes!

Where are we going to do this so that we can have a white studio backdrop and also lifestyle photos? Jen’s house? And turn the garage into a photo studio? YES! 

Is our favorite photographer friend and supporter Wongi available? Yes! 

Yes to all of it! 

Ok we are doing this! Can we make it even more connective and make the dream of bringing all of the Title Nine pitch fest winners’ products together in a photo from our year 2021 and 2022? We reached out to all the brands which are located across the country, Vermont, New York,Florida,Texas and California. The ask was this. Hey Hey friends, we’re doing a photoshoot in a quick turnaround time of 2.5 weeks. Would you be willing to send products to be featured in the photos? We will return the products to you and also share the pictures with you to use. Also if you want to show up for the photoshoot and be a model we would LOVE to host you, hang out and of course talk manufacturing. All the companies responded with excitement and mailed products. The kicker being Karen from Observamé responded and said I've never been to Alaska, YOLO, I just bought a ticket! I’ll hand deliver my products! If you never ask you never know! So glad we asked! 

Now we have a large ambitious plan, a short timeline, location, products, models and a photographer. 

It was a community event! Between friends, colleagues, our photographers and the Alpine Fit we had 46 people on site! The energy was high, new friendships were made, business collaborations formed, products were purchased. One quote from the night “This is so much fun, I don’t even feel like I'm in Anchorage'' Candy from Rest Angles. All of this make our hearts at Alpine Fit sing! We are all about a rising tide raises all ships. The photoshoot embodies how we do business in a collaborative, creative way. 

Below are images of all the people involved as well as the products and or the people behind the products.

Alaska Cycle Chic A bike boutique for women cyclists of every shape size and riding style.

Bivo Innovative metal cycling bottle designed with a high-flow nozzle.

Booker and Me A multifunctional, expandable outerwear to keep you and your little one warm

Hagen Atkins Art Self taught artist working in acrylic pen and watercolor doing art and living in Alaska

Heather Choice  - dehydrated meals and snacks for adventuring proudly made in Anchorage, Alaska

Jack of All Crochets  Full time healthcare worker, wife & mom creating fun products to maintain their sanity, handmade in Alaska.

Jeebs Uncorked Self taught artist making jewelry for a state of mind!

Lume Six Sports bras made for ultimate support and comfort using premium materials and thoughtful features create a high performance sports bra you can breathe in.

Moms Matter Now proactive maternal mental health

Observamé Smart athletic apparel to start your health journey for women & men

Planeket We create portable blankets that make the most sense, designed by travelers like you.

Progressive Physical Therapy Therapy designed just for you

Rest Angles The portable posture hack that brings the floor to your feet!

Revel Treks and Tours specializes in small group trips in Palmer, Hatcher Pass, and the surrounding area

Swoop  bras + underwear simply,  focused on the essentials and designed a product that is comfortable, unique + functional

Skogsbarn enamel wear and children’ pajamas 

The Fixed Line Alaska's source for outdoor gear repair. Fellow crafts people and outdoor adventurers committed to keeping your gear in use longer


Tough Cuties Premium quality merino wool hiking socks made by women for women in the USA

Versa Outfitters a women's clothing line focused on outdoor apparel that will keep you warm and comfortable!


Willco Supply  supplying minimalist style bags and accessories to help you feel confident, stylish and organized

Wrangle Specialty outdoor equipment designed to allow you to focus on the adventure before you and not the gear supporting you!

Friends, colleagues, supporters and community members: 

Alpine Fit team 
Photographer extraordinaire Wongi who enjoys staying behind the camera 

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