October's overdue re-cap!

Hi Alpine Fit friends, 

I didn't mean to leave it so long to re-cap the month! Where does the time go? 

Alaska Public Media host Paul Twardock of Outdoor Explorer broadcast an episode interviewing me - which a lot of you heard! Thanks for all the kind words you have been expressing to me in person about that interview, it was a great experience.

We held a gathering of women in leadership in the outdoor industry and outdoor recreation economy in Alaska. It was very special. Thanks to the 50 people that came to our workshop for a morning of establishing person-to-person discussions with one another.

Alaska Women in Leadership in the Outdoors at Alpine Fit

Jamie went to Fairbanks for the Go Winter Expo, and had a blast with our friends from Sagebrush Dry - they make waterproof outdoor gear including dry bags in Kake, Alaska!

We launched new styles in our new print Cosmic Peak the Mountain V Merino Wool Lined Neckwarmer and the Mountain V Fleece Lined Neckwarmer. 

I snuck off on a quick family trip to CA and got to visit Yosemite National Park! 

Alpine Fit Jen in Yosemite National Park

Alaska Wild Project podcast! And others!

And for Halloween I was Chugach Spice (yes, we’re nerds). I basically wore all of the Alpine Fit gear I have that features our print Chugach Dusk. Like I said, such a nerdy Alpine-Fit-specific costume idea. We giggled quite a bit about it. 

Oh!!! And the alpine lake ice skating was unbelievable. Very cold, and all the base layers and accessories definitely helped.

alpine lake ice skating

Thanks for being a part of this community.

-Jen + the Alpine Fit Team


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