Women's merino t neck baselayer top and bottoms with Touch Cutie Womens Hiking Crew socks

Before I lived in Alaska I didn’t have a need for a full collection of wool hiking socks. I had 2-3 pairs for backpacking and camping but living in New Mexico and California I could get away with my normal cotton socks quite often. 

When I decided I would be staying in Alaska it was time to upgrade the sock drawer. Around this time I found Tough Cuties a new company that was just getting ready to launch their first product, Eve The Original Ladies Light Weight Hiker Crew

Touch Cuties womens Eve crew hiking sock in a shoe on the roade

After years of developing products and advising business strategies Brittany was ready to take her design knowledge and put it to use making premium socks. In her own words Tough Cutie “literally, and figuratively, support working women in our walk-through life.” She did just that with her first sock Eve. 

In the summer of 2021 Jen and I were at Outdoor Retailer and looking forward to going to Title Nine Pitchfest to meet our fellow pitchers, one of which was Britany. She came into our booth and I basically snached the socks right up. They were beautiful and I was ready to purchase multiple pairs right there on the spot. 

Alpine Fit Tough Cutie, and Alpine Parrot staff Outdoor Retailer 2021

Learning about a new company making a product that I immediately need to purchase multiple pairs of was just perfect! It takes courage and grit to start a company let alone keep it going.  Brittney and Tough Cuties were checking multiple boxes, startup, outdoor gear, women owned, and domestic manufacturing. This all resonates personally and Alpine Fit as we are doing business similarly. 

Getting my feet in a pair to Tough Cuties took some patients. Brittany wasn’t yet ready to launch Eve. Among  the many things she still needed to figure out, packaging was the next challenge she was working on. Tough Cuties joined us as the winners from the Title Nine’s 2021 Pitch Fest. The  purchase order from Title Nine would lead to me getting my feet into her socks. 

Eve The Original Ladies Light Weight Hiker Crew was designed with comfort in mind. They feel like they are hugging your feet. Which is due to the 360 degree  arch support built into them.  Merino makes them soft, cozy and warm. The mesh ventilation keeps your feet dry while cushioning at the heel and  toes gives you the support you need. 

These have now become not only my go to sock for daily and active wear but also my go to gift.  Who doesn’t love and need a new pair of socks. The many many pairs that have been gifts have been well received by absolutely everyone.  

Alpine Fit showing Tough Cutie Eve socks in multiple colors

Thrilled to have met Brittney and now call her my colleague. I spend much of my life in her socks. You might have assumed this but while writing this I'm wearing Eve in Twilight Blue. 

  • Many of these photos were supplied by Tough Cutie
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