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Weather permitting, I’ll be hiking, running, and slogging it outside this weekend. True Alaskan weather is fickle so it’s always best to come prepared with backup plans. We are truly fortunate to have such accessible trails both within the city and nearby. Here are some of my favorites…


Arctic Valley:

Just north of town is a microcosm of everything that we have to offer in Anchorage. In summer you can hike Rendezvous Peak (61.2506° N, 149.5044° W) or further on the Rendezvous Ridge Trail. In the fall you can finish with picking berries. Backcountry ski the same slopes in early winter, and then take the ski lift up when it opens!

Rendezvous Peak: 1.4 miles each way

Rendezvous Ridge Trail: 3.9 miles each way

Overachiever: Hike the ridgeline all the way to Symphony Lakes

alpine fit alaska base layers made in usa arctic valley

alpine fit alaska base layers made in usa rendezvous ridge

Near Point / Wolverine:

Accessed up the scenic Campbell Creek Road at Basher Trailhead, or from Prospect Heights, there are several options for short to long Hikes. Both Basher and Prospect Heights offer about the same distance, and nearly similar elevation gains. Good for most of the summer and fall, less so when it rains. Near Point is popular but not overly traveled. Berry picking in August is quite good near the top. Wolverine (61.1358° N, 149.6136° W) is a separate trail that splits off and offers similar scenery but better. 

Near Point Trail: 3 miles

Wolverine Trail: 4.2 miles

Overachiever: Hike the ridge from Near Point to Wolverine to Rusty Point, a fun loop

alpine fit alaska base layers made in usa near point wolverine peak

Rabbit Creek:

I hate to say the secret is out on this one; the parking is ridiculous and I don’t even try to go here after 10am. From here, options abound including Flattop, Peak 2 or 3, Ptarmigan, Rabbit Lake and the newly named Yuyanq’ Ch’ex. Each peak is progressively more challenging and rewarding and need not be done in succession. There is good camping down by the lake and it’s an easy 4 miles that my young kids were able to accomplish. Be careful, the wind really blows here, so checking the forecast is a must. Good local backcountry skiing in the winter makes this a popular location year round

Flattop: 2 miles tops

Peak 2: 2.5 miles

Peak 3 a little more

Ptarmigan: not my favorite. A real scramble for good but not great views

Rabbit Lake: 4 miles

Overachiever: Start at McHugh and run the McHugh Trail to Rabbit Lake and out - 10.5 miles

alpine fit alaska base layers made in usa rabbit creek peak 2

alpine fit alaska base layers made in usa rabbit lake mchugh

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