Hiking Leggings vs. Traditional Leggings: Which One Should You Choose for Your Outdoor Adventures?

As fellow outdoor enthusiasts, Alpine Fit understands the importance of choosing the right gear for your adventures. This blog will provide the necessary details when comparing hiking leggings and traditional leggings, helping you make an informed decision when selecting the best apparel for your outdoor experiences.

Key Differences between Hiking Leggings and Traditional Leggings

Material and Fabric

Hiking leggings and traditional leggings vary in the material used in each garment. Hiking leggings are typically made from a blend of synthetic and natural fabrics such as polyester and merino wool, respectively. Some traditional leggings, on the other hand, often use materials like cotton, spandex, or a combination of both. Fabric choice plays a crucial role in determining performance and comfort during outdoor activities.

Durability and Longevity

Durability is essential when it comes to outdoor gear. Hiking leggings are designed to withstand the elements and resist wear and tear, making them more durable than traditional leggings. Traditional leggings, while comfortable, may not hold up as well under demanding conditions. It's essential to acknowledge the potential lifespan of your leggings when considering price-point and the planning of your outdoor adventures.

Odor-Resistance and Breathability

Odor-resistance is a valuable feature in activewear, especially for prolonged outdoor activities. Hiking leggings often incorporate odor-resistant materials, keeping you feeling fresh even during extended periods of physical exertion. Breathability also plays a vital role in maintaining comfort. Hiking leggings are designed to wick away moisture which allows for improved airflow whereas traditional leggings may not offer the same level of breathability.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Leggings for Outdoor Adventures

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Activity Level and Type

Before you buy hiking leggings or traditional leggings, consider the activities in which you plan to participate.  Hiking leggings are ideal for demanding outdoor adventures like backpacking, mountain climbing, and kayaking. If your activities involve less intense physical exertion or are primarily indoors, traditional leggings may be more suitable.

Fit and Comfort

Finding leggings that properly fit and flatter your unique body type is essential for feeling confident and comfortable during your outdoor adventures. When trying on leggings, ensure they're neither too tight nor too loose and move with your body without restriction. Alpine Fit's range of women's hiking leggings offers a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate different body types, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

Price and Budget

Balancing quality and cost when selecting leggings for outdoor adventures can be challenging. While hiking leggings may be more expensive than traditional leggings, their durability and performance may be worth the investment. You don't have to break the bank, however, to find high-quality women's hiking leggings. Keep an eye out for sales and deals - and consider investing in versatile leggings that can transition between different activities.

Weather and Climate

Anticipate weather and climate conditions of your proposed destinations. Apparel decisions dictated by your choice of outdoor adventure should significantly influence your choice of leggings. Hiking leggings are designed to offer insulation and warmth in colder climates while remaining breathable during warmer temperatures. Traditional leggings, however, may not provide the same level of temperature regulation. Be sure to consider the weather and climate conditions you'll likely encounter when selecting the perfect pair of leggings. Purchase both legging types to be best prepared for a variety of prospective activities. 

Popular Features in Hiking Leggings


Many hiking leggings feature pockets, which are incredibly useful for storing small essentials like keys, cards, or a smartphone during your outdoor activities. This added convenience can be a significant advantage over traditional leggings, which often have shallow pockets or lack pockets altogether. 

High-Waisted Designs

High-waisted hiking leggings provide additional support and coverage, making them a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts. This style of leggings can help prevent them from slipping out of shape during physical activities, ensuring that you stay comfortable and focused on your adventure. Traditional leggings may not offer the same level of support and coverage, which could be a drawback for some outdoor enthusiasts.

Reflective Accents

Hiking leggings often incorporate reflective accents to enhance visibility during low-light conditions. This safety feature is especially useful if you plan to hike or participate in outdoor activities during early morning or evening hours. Traditional leggings may not include reflective elements, which could be a disadvantage if visibility is a concern for you.

How to Care for Your Leggings to Maximize Their Lifespan

Washing and Drying Techniques

Proper care can prolong the lifespan of your hiking leggings and traditional leggings. Follow the manufacturer's washing instructions, which typically involve using a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. To preserve your leggings' durability and performance, air-dry them or use the lowest heat setting on your dryer.

Storage and Maintenance

Store your leggings properly to prevent damage and maintain their shape. Fold or roll them neatly, avoiding tight compression or exposure to direct sunlight. If your leggings become damaged, address minor issues like loose threads or small holes promptly, preventing further deterioration.

Seam and Stitch Quality

Inspect the seam and stitch quality of your leggings to ensure their longevity. High-quality hiking leggings should have reinforced seams and stitches, allowing them to withstand the demands of outdoor activities. Regularly check your leggings for any signs of wear or loose threads and address these issues as soon as possible.


The key differences between hiking leggings and traditional leggings exist in their materials, durability, odor-resistance, breathability, and additional features like pockets, high-waisted designs, and reflective accents. By considering factors like the type of activities in which you plan to engage, fit and comfort, budget, weather and climate conditions, and the leggings' features, you can make an informed decision based on your personal preferences and activity needs - buy hiking and/or traditional leggings accordingly. 

Alpine Fit, a woman-founded and women-operated outdoor adventure apparel company, is dedicated to providing high-quality garments that withstand much of what the wilderness has to offer. We invite you to explore our range of women's hiking leggings and other outdoor apparel to find the perfect gear for your next adventure. You can confidently embark on your outdoor journeys with the right leggings, knowing that you are well-equipped and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Remember that investing in a quality pair of leggings can greatly enhance your outdoor experience. By understanding your unique requirements and carefully selecting the perfect pair from Alpine Fit, you'll be well on your way to enjoying countless memorable adventures in the great outdoors. Happy trails!


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