Gear for Any and Every Adventure: Jen's Roundup

One kit to do it all? Packrafting, summer camping, winter camping, hiking, backpacking, paddling, kayaking, bikepacking, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, boat trips, cabin trips, ice-skating, skijoring, backcountry skiing, winter walks, adventure travel, and sledding in the yard with the kids.

Rendezvous Ridge Long Sleeve

Backcountry Base Layer Bottoms

Nordic Anywhere Merino Wool Hat

Traverse Headband

Geo Neck Gaiter

Change out your footwear, mid-layers, and jackets based on the sport and weather, and the kit above can do it all.

Rendezvous Ridge Long Sleeve:

You can add trail running to the list above, and more. This shirt is THE go to for any day or adventure where you might sweat, you might need a base layer, you might need sun protection, you want something that layers well, is flattering and fits your shape and does not allow for body odor build up (thanks to silver in the fibers of the fabric). I have worn this shirt for 10 days straight of camping, paddling, wearing it under a clammy drysuit, sleeping every night and repeating the next day. An essential part of my hiking clothes kit. Comfortable adventures. Check!

Backcountry Base Layer Bottoms:

The same fit options and fabric as the Rendezvous in a super reliable base layer bottom style. With a dry suit, under hiking pants, as your tent camping PJs, or layered under your snowpants on a sweaty uphill or cold descent. Excellent fit and comfort, with the wide waistband, gusset and inseam placement forward of the center of the thighs to reduce chafe. These are the best base layer bottom we make for year-round adventures of all sorts. 

Nordic Anywhere Merino Wool Hat

Best hat for outdoors hands down. This is a Merino wool hat that packs small, layers under any helmet, hood or a brimmed hat. Warm, light, breathable during sweaty pursuits. This is the best warm hat for camping since you can comfortably wear it while you sleep, and in far north summer trips in Alaska you can pull it down to cover your eyes from the midnight sun. Call it what you want: Merino wool hat, merino wool toque, or merino wool beanie.

traverse headband pic

Traverse Headband

Packs small. Same material as our base layer tops. Quick drying headband, anti-microbial. Doubles as a summer Alaska sleep mask. Great headband for over your ears for warmth, versatile headband to push back your hair to keep hair out of your eyes. This headband can be folded in half to be even narrower for using only the function you want when you want it. 

geo neckgaiter

Geo Neck Gaiter

Warmth for your face through to your shirt collar. Versatile style for how and when you need it. Quick drying, can be folded to work as a headband. This is not a thick insulated neck gaiter, but it is surprisingly warm for how light and packable it is. It functions as a UV neck gaiter, a ski gaiter, and is a great part of my cold weather running gear kit, too. This is a good neck gaiter for wind, rain, sun and snow. Packs small, fits in your pocket.

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